Wrought Iron is no longer produced on a commercial scale. Many products described as wrought iron are made of mild steel.
   You can buy any piece of decorative iron (ornamental iron) from any shop that welds or fabricates. There are many different shapes and designs that come from all over the world. They are made commercially, and they could made in a run of a few hundred at a time. There is nothing wrong with their quality and most of the shops that produce the fabrications with these products do excellent work.
   A Blacksmith does all of this iron work himself. If he wants a certain design he puts a piece of steel in his forge and heats it to around 2000 degrees, puts it on his anvil and hammers on it. He could heat and hammer this piece many times to get what he wants.
   So, just like cabinets in your kitchen, you can buy mass produced commercial or custom hand made. The custom-made product will be exactly what you want and, of course, will cost more.